5 Crucial Safety Tips for Winter Driving

5 Crucial Safety Tips for Winter Driving

Driving in Bad Weather - Auto Body Shop Los AngelesWinter is coming, and with it the increased risk of road accidents. The ice and snow are any driver’s worst enemy, and the thought of going out on a road in these conditions is frightening to say the least. Any auto body shop in Los Angeles will also tell you that winter is our busiest time of the year, with a lot of drivers driving recklessly and improperly equipped despite the fact that the largest number of car accidents in Los Angeles occurs between October and December.

Just in case…

If you experience a car accident, the first thing you should do is to check the condition of anyone involved in the accident, contact the local authorities and your insurance agent. However, if your insurance company suggests a collision repair shop, make sure you do your research or better, choose a verified garage like King Collision. However, in order to avoid getting there in the first place, our experts offer five safety tips for winter driving.

Do not Accelerate/Decelerate Rapidly and Brake Abruptly

Any of these abrupt actions result in a rapid weight transference and can be significantly more dangerous than easy movements. To minimize skidding make sure you break carefully and use on/off motions when stopping. If you are driving a manual, make sure you avoid sudden downshifts or risk skidding.

Check the Air Pressure in the Tires

You should always check the air pressure in your tires if there’s ever a warning on your dashboard. The air in your tires is supporting your car, and as the air contracts in the cold it is common for the air pressure to decrease. This can prove to be a great risk when driving during the winter. Well inflated tires provide better handling and traction.

Increase the Following Distance

Driving during severe weather conditions such as ice, snow or hail is risky, which is why you should leave a considerable amount of space between your car and the car driving in front of you. The rule of thumb most experienced drivers recommend is that it should take you six seconds to pass a point after the driver in front of you had passed it. This may seem a bit too much, but will significantly decrease the chance of collision should the driver in front of you brake abruptly. If you are being followed too closely by the driver behind you, make sure to change lanes and avoid a potential accident.

Don’t Use Cruise Control

Some drivers have become too dependent on cruise control, as it helps with leg fatigue and keeping your speed in check. Using cruise control during the winter however can have adverse effects and be very dangerous. If your car skids while the system is on, it might continue accelerating to maintain the designated constant speed. This is why you must learn to depend on yourself during severe weather conditions.

Avoid Any Distractions

Most importantly, learn to avoid any distractions such as cell phones, looking for the right radio station or even talking to other passengers. Stay focused on the road, as being alert at all times is crucial when driving during such harsh conditions. You need to be able to react promptly and adequately should the need arise.

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