What To Do After A Car Accident?

You may be driving conscientiously and by the book, but unfortunately, that will not protect you against accidents 100% because there are other drivers and factors that can contribute to a collision or cause it. The majority of drivers are not aware of what they should do immediately after they are involved in a crash, which can seriously hinder their insurance claim or get them into legal trouble. Here is a rundown of steps drivers should take to handle the effects of an accident to their best interest. If you have more questions, you might find answers here.

Check everyone’s condition

The first thing to do is check whether you, the passengers, pedestrians and the other driver are ok. If anyone is injured, the ambulance should be called right away. If you suspect someone might have hurt their back or neck, avoid moving them so as not to make matters worse.

Call the police

You are required to report the accident to the police. If there is anyone injured or the damage turns out to exceed $750 both drivers have to report the accident to the DMV within the next 10 days.

Contact your insurance provider

Your insurance provider can be a great help in dealing with the police and the other party.

Exchange information with the other driver

You should get the name, address and phone number of the other driver. Be careful to stick to the facts. Any statements you make, no matter how well-meant they are, might get you into trouble by indicating you feel you are at fault for the accident.

Take the information from witnesses

If there are any witnesses, make sure you get their contact details and accounts of the accident.

Take photos

Record the damage to both cars and the scene of the accident. That will make it easier to explain how the accident happened.  It will also be crucial for the insurance claim.

Take a copy of the police report

The report can be used to support your claim and potentially, your case, if the matters are taken to court.

Contact a body repair shop in Los Angeles

If your car is severely damaged, a repair shop can usually have it towed away to their facilities. When you need body repair in Los Angeles, make sure you go to a shop of your own choosing. Your insurance provider might try to steer you toward one of their own preferred shops, but remember that you have full rights to decide which body repair shop in Los Angeles you send your car to! King Collision Center is a premium auto body shop that provides exceptional services coupled with unparalleled customer care driven by the motto that “no job is too big nor too small”.