5 Amazingly Simple Summer Car Safety Tips

5 Amazingly Simple Summer Car Safety Tips

Summer Traffic - Collision Repair in Los Angeles CAThe summer season is one of the busiest when it comes to driving, which makes it all the more dangerous. While summer driving appears less dangerous than driving across iced roads in the winter or during the constant spring floods, drivers are cautioned to stay alert.

What are you up against?

Drunk, tired and inexperienced drivers are a common occurrence during the season. This is why experts employed at King Collision Center, the premier collision repair in Los Angeles, CA, advise drivers to pay attention to these simple steps to ensure their safety and the safety of their families.

Schedule Regular Car Maintenance

Having your car in top shape is one of the keys to safe summer driving. Make sure to schedule a thorough examination and check everything from the state of your brakes to the cooling system in order to ensure that your summer drive is a safe and a comfortable one. The summer season poses a great danger to the tires, as the hot temperatures expands the air in your tires which could cause a blowout if you haven’t replaced them in a while.

Mind the Roads

The summer holidays means that there will be many more motorcyclists, bicyclists and pedestrians out on the roads. Since the school is over, there will be many more teens to look out for whether behind a wheel or on foot. This also means that there will be more children running and playing out in the open. With all this in mind, you have to make sure that you are extra careful, as you have to mind not just your own driving but the rest of the traffic participants as well.

Drunk Driving

An increased number of those traveling for the holidays increases the risk of encountering drunk drivers on the road. This causes the frequency of car accidents to skyrocket during the summer season. Apart from keeping an eye out for these unpredictable and often deadly drivers, make sure to drink responsibly yourself and avoid driving if you have consumed alcohol.

Distracted Driving and Sleep Deprivation

Nearly as fatal as drunk driving, driving while tired or distracted poses an extreme risk during the hot, summer days. Sleep deprivation can have a similar effect on your motor skills that drunk drivers experience, so make sure that you catch a good night’s sleep or catch a break if you feel drowsy on the road. Another common cause of accidents during the summer is distracted driving. If you are behind a wheel, keep your smartphone at bay. Messages, calls, Facebook and Pokémon Go can wait until you finish your trip or take a break.

Travel Prepared

Regardless of the season, it is wise to go out on the road prepared. Have a spare smartphone or a power bank, a lug wrench, a spare tire and jumper cables with you at all times. Have a first aid kit ready, as well as a flashlight, a basic repair kit and drinking water if you are planning a longer trip. Last but not least, have a tow truck service number at hand just in case.

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