Paintless Dent Repair: Why Hire A Pro?

Paintless Dent Repair: Why Hire A Pro?

Dent Repair - Body Repair Los AngelesIf you recently had a car accident and got away with just a shallow dent, consider yourself lucky. Shallow dents are only a cosmetic nuisance and affect the outer layer of the vehicle. If the impact did not damage the paint job, a paintless dent removal procedure will easily get your car back in its prime. However, if the paint was damaged due to the accident, your car will not benefit from this procedure. Fixing the paint requires more effort and has to be attended to quickly.

As always with these repairs, you could try the DIY method or hire a professional team of mechanics that specialize in body repair in Los Angeles to fix the damage for you. Be aware that while it appears to be an easy fix, repairing the dent will require professional equipment and skill, and King Collision Center boasts both.

How Paintless Dent Repair Works

Sometimes, this procedure can be completed in just a few minutes. The damaged parts are approached from the inside, removing the excess parts to access the damaged layer. Body repair professionals have the access to the right tools and know just how much pressure they can apply to fix the dent but not damage your car. A few minutes later the dent should return to its original shape.

Be mindful that the damaged area of the car will be more susceptible to damage in the future, as this fix is purely cosmetic. If you are worried about the car body being damaged in the future, you should consider restoration.

Still, most customers stick to paintless dent repair, which is an extremely cheap method of hiding the damage your car went through. If you are considering full repair, be sure to employ a professional team of mechanics, as sham companies offer cheap and low-quality fixes and chances are they won’t endure that long. A professional will be able to determine whether the damage can be fixed by the paintless dent removal procedure, and if the damage is too severe will recommend full repair.

Why You Should Hire a Pro

Even if you are a master DIY-er, paintless dent repair is no easy task. Despite the fact that it takes only a few minutes to fix, it takes much more effort and expertise than it may seem. Watching a professional do it with ease might give you the impression that you could have done it yourself, but that’s where you’re wrong. Check if your car insurance covers it.

First of all, a professional has access to the right tools. The tools used inside the panel are highly sophisticated and if you want the dent straightened properly, cheap substitutes and tools you see on infomercials won’t do. What makes paintless dent repair even more complex is that it isn’t a mechanical process, but one that requires patience, skill and control. All it takes is one wrong push and you’ve got yourself a mess not even a pro can fix easily.

To Do or not to Do It Yourself?

In conclusion, even though it seems like an easy fix, in case you are not 100% confident in your abilities, looking for a seasoned professional might be your safest bet. Dent repair is unlike other car fixes, and if you are bent on doing it on your own terms, we advise you test out your skills on a piece of scrap metal before you move on to your car. If you decide to hire a pro, King Collision Center, premier body repair in Los Angeles, is qualified to fix any damage, from harmless dents to more serious damage. Contact us for a free quote or to book an appointment.