Expert Body Shop in Los Angeles Advises: Check Your Brakes!

Expert Body Shop in Los Angeles Advises: Check Your Brakes!

Brake Repair - Body Shop Lops AngelesBy now you’ve probably heard of the accident that killed the 27-year-old Russian-born actor Anton Yelchin, best known for his role in the rebooted Star Trek franchise where he played Ensign Chekov. As a result of a bad shifter design, his Jeep Grand Cherokee pinned him against a brick post at his home. Following the accident, Fiat Chrysler Automobile recalled the 2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee and a few other models. And while this accident was caused by a fundamentally flawed shifter design, similar accidents occur frequently as a result of malfunctioning brakes which are in fact one of the leading causes of car accidents.

The skilled mechanics at King Collision Center, premier body shop in Los Angeles, have worked on numerous vehicles damaged in accidents caused by faulty brakes. Keeping in check with your brakes is crucial in order to avoid fatal accidents, as well as expensive repairs or replacements. Most malfunctions can be prevented if your car undergoes regular maintenance, but driver awareness plays a crucial role in preventing accidents caused by faulty brakes as well. Knowing the “symptoms” of malfunctioning brakes before they develop into a potentially endangering condition is the first step towards preventing these accidents. We advise you to have your car checked immediately if you notice any of these brake malfunction symptoms:

1. Unfamiliar Sounds

Noises you haven’t encountered while driving before including squealing, screeching and rubbing are the first signs that your brake pad or brake shoe are malfunctioning. If you notice any unfamiliar noises be sure to have your car checked as soon as possible to avoid further damage to your brake system and prevent an accident.

2. Vibrating

If you feel vibrations in the pedal or the steering wheel, this could mean that your brake system is malfunctioning. Do not disregard these vibrations, as using the car with a malfunctioning brake system can cause permanent damage and demand costly replacements.

3. Function failure

If you notice that the brake functionality is changing, immediately schedule a thorough check-up. If you notice that you are having trouble braking and feel increased or decreased pressure in the pedal when the brake is engaged, it is likely you will need to repair the system.

4. Weird Smell

If you sense a burning scent around the area of the tires, park immediately and seek tow truck services. Disregarding these scents as normal could lead to potentially dangerous situations for anyone in the vehicle. Consult a car repair service to determine whether the brake system needs immediate repairs or replacement. And again, if you feel a foul stench around the tires do not continue driving!

5. Mind the Warning Signs

Do not neglect the warning lights alerting you that you need to check your brakes in case your vehicle is equipped with such an alarm system. While many drivers do not pay attention to these indicators, they might point to a serious problem that could result in a fatal injury.

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Your safety and the safety of other drivers come first! In case you are involved in a brake-related accident contact the LAPD hotline immediately! Never neglect the warning signs as they can lead to a potentially dangerous situation. Your safety comes first, and if you were involved in an accident related to faulty brakes King Collision, the premier Los Angeles body shop, is here to take care of any damages to your vehicle. Contact our emergency 24/7 hotline at 1 (818) 697 0965 or through our website contact form for a free estimate.