Most Common Driving Habits That Lead To Car Accidents

Most Common Driving Habits That Lead To Car Accidents

Bad Driving Habits - Collision Repair Los AngelesDriving a car can be dangerous if you aren’t paying enough attention to the road ahead. While many drivers tend to shift the blame to other parties involved in a car collision, you might want to consider that you might easily become “the other party” if you aren’t careful enough. According to studies, the number of car accidents is increasing every year and since we’d hate to see you involved in an accident, we’re giving you a few tips on what not to do when you sit behind the wheel.

Texting or talking

Today cellphones are an integral part of our life and something we keep in our hands at all times, but using them while driving significantly increases the risk of an accident. Talking over the phone, even if you are using hands-free devices like Bluetooth speakers, can reduce your reaction time and is similar to drunk driving in many aspects.

Improperly adjusted car mirrors

Adjusting the rear-view mirror to show the car’s flank and the road behind it is the default setup for many drivers. Experts, however, suggest that this setup could cost you gravely. The right way to position your mirrors is to show only the road behind you and not your car. This can help you escape blind spots which could force you to look around when you switch between lanes.

Driving a hot vehicle

If your car is heated up due to being left in the sun, the hot air can become pretty hard to breathe and can impair your ability to drive. In this case open one your windows all the way down and let fresh air cool down your car. Walk to the other side of your car and open and close the other door a few times. This will help air circulate and will purge the hot air out.

Driving while eating or drinking

No matter how hungry or thirsty you are, drinking or eating while driving can distract you and will force one of your hands off the wheel, which may result in a horrible accident. If you can’t wait to get home to grab a quick snack pull up at a parking spot and finish your snack or drink in peace, before you go back on the road.

Drunk driving

While you might figure that there’s no need to mention the dangers of drunk driving, statistics show that in spite of all the dangers involved in this practice, the majority of car collisions are still caused by irresponsible, drunk drivers. Alcohol has a significant impact on your reflexes and decision-making processes. If you are going to a party and intend to drink, do not bring your car but rather take a taxi or choose a designated driver.

Tired drivers

A tired driver is every bit as dangerous as a drunk one. When you are sleep deprived your reflexes are slower and your attention easily taken off the wheel. There’s a great risk that you might fall asleep at the wheel and accidents are bound to happen. If you feel that you are too tired to continue driving, park somewhere and take a quick power-nap before you go back on the road. You might not get where you intended to on time, but given the alternative being late is an acceptable option.

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