Best Auto Body Shop in Encino

A car crash not only causes physical damage to your vehicle but can also turn your whole life upside down. If you are lucky to get out of the car safely, there is still a major issue that you will need to take care of – repairing the damaged vehicle.

Don’t let this ugly situation turn into a real nightmare – contact a team of reliable body repair and paint mechanics to help you out. King Collision Center is the go-to auto body shop in Encino, CA. Our aim is to restore your damaged car to its original condition within the shortest time possible and with maximum efficiency. We hope that the quality of our service can help you get over the trauma knowing that your vehicle is in the right hands.

We are the best in the region and here are the main reasons why car owners in Encino, Canoga Park and other neighborhoods throughout Los Angeles make us the preferred choice for car collision repair.

Free Online Estimates

Wondering about the amount of money that you will pay for the body repair and paint work? With us, you will never be in the dark about the exact cost. Instead of enticing you with low estimates like so many subpar auto body shops, we use the latest estimating technology to provide accurate estimates. What’s more, we will provide you with a realistic repair estimate within only an hour after you ask for it! Watch out for shops that will try to win your favor you with attractive quotations only to surprise you later on with high estimates.

Note that our estimates are completely free. Our customers can also get online estimates. All you have to do is provide us with the images of the damaged vehicle, and you will get a repair estimate before you know it.

Reliable Services for car owners in Encino, CA

We are fully committed to offering our customers the best repair services. King Collision Center is more than just a car body repair center serving Encino. We have a pool of qualified and reliable mechanics that will make sure your car is handled with care, patience, and skill.

You only need to give us the insurance claim number, and we will take care of the remaining issues. Our efficient team will manage the whole process on your behalf, and we will keep you updated on the progress through our transparent channel of communication.

24/7 Accident Towing

Worried about whether we will be able to find you if you get stranded after an accident? We will be there whenever and wherever you need us. Our services are available any in Encino and the greater Los Angeles area.

If your vehicle is dangerous to drive, our able towing services will tow it to our shop for you. Not only will it prevent you from getting hurt, it will also save your car from any further damage.

We are Well-Known in Encino and Its Environs

King Collision Center is a trusted car body repair shop in Encino, CA. We owe our stellar reputation to numerous satisfied customers who expressed their gratitude for making their cars safe to drive again. Our team of seasoned mechanics guarantees you professional car body repair services and the peace of mind that you need.