10 Innocent Things That Harm Your Car’s Paint


Areas of roadworks are teeming with loose pebbles, rocks, pointy objects and wet tar. Try not to drive through these zones as these small items are flying hazards for your paint and wet tar can stick to it.


Rain often brings with it pollution from air and water, whose acidic properties will eat away at your car’s paint. This especially goes in metropolitan areas where pollution is high and areas with a lot of rain. If at all possible, use a garage. Rain alone, if your car is continuously exposed to it, will contribute to your car developing rust.

Bug splashes

When you see the front of your car dotted in bug guts, do your best to wash those away as soon as possible. Splattered bugs have acid in them and when they dry out, they become a nightmare to scrub off.

Bird droppings

Birds are known to choose the cleanest car to foul. However, their droppings are not just irritating and unsightly, but full of acids, too. Make sure you don’t leave them sitting on your car’s paint too long.

Coffee & soda

If you happen to spill some coffee on your car when you are sleepy in the morning, make sure you find the strength to wipe it off promptly. Both coffee and caffeinated sodas contain acids that shouldn’t be left to dry on their own.

Silly string

Silly string isn’t made of anything silly – it’s actually quite powerful and difficult to remove when hardened. If you can, remove it when it’s wet, because when it’s dry it can pull your car’s paint as well as you are taking it off.

Shaving cream

Yeah, it doesn’t sound plausible that you would easily get shaving foam on your car, but this substance is often used to write messages. What this can do to your car paint is discolor it permanently, so make sure you get it off as soon as possible.


The salt that is used to defrost roads and sidewalks should be removed from your car’s exterior and not left to sit there for weeks. It tends to be corrosive, so don’t be lazy.


It’s not water alone that will burn into your car’s paint, but the droplets that are sprinkled on your car can be burned into the paint by the sun and then there isn’t anything to be done about that. So, avoid leaving your car parked close to areas you know have automatic sprinklers.

Cars are definitely meant to be driven and exposed to certain dangers, but if there is damage you can avoid, why not try? If your car’s paint has already been damaged, don’t hesitate to come over to King Collision Center. We are experts at dealing with all kinds of auto repair and we offer premium auto collision repair in Los Angeles, should you ever need one. When you need help, call the kings!