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Have you just had a car crash or has someone shamefully damaged your car and drove away? Your car is a mess now. Heck, you’re a mess – there are so many things to attend to. Hopefully, you’re not too familiar with collisions. Well, if there’s one thing King Collision Center can help you with, that’s restoring your car to factory-like condition. And you can go about your activities and focus on getting over the stress.

An expert auto body repair shop

Our range of services is bound to satisfy all your needs and requirements. No job is too big nor too small for us. Here is a glimpse of what you can get with us:

If your car was seriously damaged in a car accident, we can ensure it makes a full recovery through our comprehensive collision repair. This service includes absolutely anything necessary to erase the traces of the crash on your vehicle. All the replacements and repair starting from the frame, over windshield and glass to the paint, and much more will be done to restore your car.

You can depend on us to tow your car away from the scene of the accident or your home at a very short notice. We are always ready for your call. And if you are worried how you will get around without a car during the repair time, we have a solution. We work with a network of car rentals that will give you the best rates to get through the repair time (which will, of course, be the fastest possible).

If there are dings and dents in the paint, or the color has just lost the luster, rest assured we will bring back the zing to it. Our high-end tools and techniques that allow color matching and careful selection, coupled with our mechanics’ skill, will lend your car vigor and energy.

If you think you don’t have the financial means to fix indentations in your car’s shell, you’re wrong. Our paintless dent repair will allow you to get rid of those eyesores for a fraction of the time and cost required for a paint makeover.

All the companies and businesses with fleets of vehicles can rely on King Collision Center for regular service and any necessary repair that crops up. We are very serious about what we do and fully understand how time translates into money – that’s why we work our magic ASAP, to minimize your loss.

If there’s anything else you’d like done that we haven’t mentioned, we are always up to doing custom work. Call us up and we’ll see what we can do for you.

Quality is easy to recognize

King Collision Center is a rarely trustworthy body shop. Our business depends on high-quality services that ensure our customers’ satisfaction.

These are some common practices of double-dealing and mediocre body shops, which are completely opposite to King Collision Center:

  • False lowball estimates – Many body shops will give the car owner a low estimate just to “get hold of the keys”. But, once they dismantle the car, they call back to say there are many more additional charges.
  • Unintelligible estimates – A usual scam is to write lines and lines of estimate and not take the time to explain them to the customer. The car owner is usually worried with the extensive list and believes that the list is a sign of the mechanic knowing the trade well.
  • Parts scam – There are so many ways to rip car owners off in this way. Usually, the customer is charged for a new part, but the original part was simply repaired and put back or an aftermarket part was installed.

The best way to protect yourself from these frauds is to have a reputable body shop in Los Angeles repair your car. Research the shop and check out the reviews.

Once at the shop, look around. Does the shop look busy? If it is, chances are it’s a good shop, because a lot of people trust it. (It’s like with restaurants – we tend to trust places full of guests to have good food. Why else would all those people come?) Look around for certificates that might give you an idea how committed the shop is.

Pay attention to the customer service and how they treat you as a potential customer. A trustworthy shop should be open to all your questions and have time to explain you everything.

At the end of the repair, ask to see the old replaced parts if the shop hasn’t already offered it.

Why should you trust King Collision Center?

King Collision Center is a reputable auto body repair shop in Los Angeles. We bring together a team of highly-skilled professionals who are dedicated to giving you the best service in the market at very affordable prices.

We have earned to be called Kings, because we are kings of repair, unrivalled in our skills, experience and professionalism.

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Our Services

Bumper and Panel Repair

Our professional technicians know how to do the job right. Every panel on your car will be as straight as when it rolled off the show room floor.

Tow service

Our collision restoration service starts with towing your car safely to our shop. In most cases we can arrange a free tow for your vehicle to our shop. We can coordinate this service for you, just give us a call!

Rental car assistance

We work directly with Enterprise and Hertz and can get you great rates. Pick up and delivery service is included from our shop.

Auto paint

Color matching is another significant component to a greater repair. It is often overlooked. Correctly color matching a vehicle is the most crucial step to making your car look as if it was never damaged. Our experts here at King Collision Center understand all of the significant details when repairing your vehicle. Blending the paint on adjacent areas are special techniques only the pros use.

Fleet services

If your business has commercial vehicles you can depend on King Collision Center to give you the best custom service for your fleet. No job is too big for our body repair shop – be it a collision repair or a regular service. We understand that time is of essence, so we carry out the repairs in the shortest time possible. You need a reliable partner to make the most of your fleet and King Collision Center in Los Angeles is your best choice!

What Others Say About Us

With it being nearly impossible to find an honest auto business, I felt extremely relieved when I met with the professionals at KCC. From the amazing lady working the front desk to the owners providing personalized service, I felt comfortable during the entire process.

Layer-24.jpgPaul N.38 years, San Diego
Ultimately, when my truck was finished with all the work it was beautiful. It was like brand new. The body work, the paint job, everything was five-star, top-notch quality. When I got home I made all my neighbors come and admire the truck because they had been nagging me about how ragged the truck was looking with the body damage. They all gave two thumbs up on the work.

Layer-25.jpgAlan K.22 years, Glendale
My car came out looking better than ever and I will definitely be going back to them with any future needs. They went above and beyond what I asked of them and I would highly recommend this place to anyone!

Layer-26.jpgLacee H.38 years, Los Angeles
I’ve already recommended this place to my little sister who needs some work done and will pass the word on to anyone I know. You guys are doing great and thanks so much for making my car pretty again!

Layer-24.jpgSebastian F.38 years, Walnut Creek
I am 100% satisfied. King Collision Center is the place to go. Refer other friends – they will praise you.

Layer-25.jpgSal F.22 years, Los Angeles

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